Pubg is getting a new winter mode tomorrow

pubg arctic mode

Pubg is getting a new ‘arctic mode’

Famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile will get another update tomorrow carrying with it some crisp new gameplay. Winter survival mode will be live by tomorrow and, and it will be called ‘Arctic Mode’.

Pubg ‘arctic mode’ gameplay feature

In arctic mode, players won’t just need to battle against different crews, yet in addition, keep themselves warm to endure the harsh snowstorm in Vikendi.

There will be a body-heat-meter that will drop after some time except if players warm their characters in the game. If the meter drops below a threshold value, you will also start incurring damage.

The players can use the following methods to stay warm in the Arctic Mode

The game is likewise including new ‘Drone’ for Arctic Mode that you can use to recon close by territories without leaving the security and warmth of the house you and your crew are stayed outdoors in.

The new PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode update will be live tomorrow, April 16, so ensure you update your game when you can

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