Refine your web searches experience thru Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators

Everyone knows how to use as a search engine. Just type your search query and hit the search button, ta-da! you are done.

But there are some google search operators that can enhance your searching experience. And if you are working as SEO these search operators are very helpful while doing research, whether you are doing keyword research or looking for content ideas.

Here are the Google search Operators you should know.


Utilizing the cache operator, you can discover what the latest cache of a webpage is. This is helpful for recognizing when a page was last crawled.


In the event that you needed to discover pages on a webpage that has your focus on search term in the URL and the subsequent term in the content on a site, you could utilize this operator.

inurl: search quary


This operator helps you to recognize pages with an inbound link that contain the anchor text specified.

inanchor:search query


Discover pages with a specific word (or words) in the title.

intitle:search query

Quotes  (“”)

Utilizing quotes around the phrases you are searching for will enable you to discover results that are precise match results, as opposed to the broad results

“search quary”

Use of “-“

The subtract (-) sign is an exclusion symbol. This command will enable you to reject words that you would prefer not to show up in the list items.

For example, you want to search for hotels in New Delhi but you don’t want search results from You can use this operator to refine your result.

hotels in New Delhi -goibibo

Example: search query

Use of “+”

You can utilize a plus sign to add words that you need to be incorporated into the search lists.

search query + search query


In the event that you are looking for a more specific website, this operator will enable you to bring those outcomes up.

For example, you are looking to buy a product online and you donot want any other results from other websites, so you can use this “mia3”

Note: You can also you all these operators by combining it for example you are working on a website and you want to find out non-https pages you can try this search query +inurl:http

Or for example, you want to search about SEO but you are not looking for a search result from a specific website like(in this) Moz, search engine journal. Try this



In case you’re in a situation where you need any outcomes that have more than one site with related content to a site you know about, simply just use the following:

For example, if you are looking for more websites like Flipkart try this


Search for X or Y. This will return results related to X or Y, or both. Note: The pipe (|) operator can likewise be utilized instead of “OR.”

Jet Airways or Air India


This act as a wildcard and will match any word or phrase.


Confine results to those of a certain filetype. E.g., PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, and so forth. Note The “ext:” operator can likewise be utilized—the outcomes are identical

icicibank filetype:pdf / icicibank ext:pdf


Discover data about a particular film. Additionally discovers movie showtimes if the film is at present showing close to you.

Movie:world war

You can also try using these google search operators in order to get the best results

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