What are redirection and how many types of redirections are there


What redirection means

URL redirection is a process of sending one URL to an alternate URL. In other words, redirection is the way to make both user and search engine to different URL from the originally requested URL. Some of the redirections are permanent and some redirections are temporary.

Types of Redirections

301 (Permanent Redirection)

This and every future request ought to be coordinated to the given URI.

302 (Object Moved)

This is the most famous redirect code. HTTP/1.0 specs required the customer to perform out a temporary redirect, However famous web browser sees it as a 303. Along these lines, HTTP/1.1 included status codes 303 and 307 to disambiguate between the two practices. Be that as it may, most web applications systems still utilize the 302 code as though it were the 303.

303 (see other)

The acknowledgment of the request can be found under another URL utilizing a GET method.

304 (not Modified)

Show the response has not been adjusted since last mentioned. Ordinarily, the HTTP customer gives a header like the If-Modified-Since header to give a period against which to think about.

Using this spares transfer speed and reprocessing on both the server and customer, as just the header information must be sent and got in contrast with the aggregate of the page being re-prepared by the server, at that point disdain utilizing more transmission capacity of the server and customer.

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305 (Use Proxy)

Numerous HTTP clients, (for example, Mozilla[4] and Internet Explorer) don’t accurately deal with reactions with this status code, basically for security reasons.

306 (Switch proxy)

Not in use anymore.

307 (Temporary redirection)

the request ought to be repeated with another URL, yet future requests can even now utilize the original URL. As opposed to 303, the request technique ought not to be changed when reissuing the first request.

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