Mozilla Firefox for android got some new features


Mozilla just delivered its refreshed Firefox browser for Android including a huge amount of new features and advancements.

The greater part of them comes directly from the desktop version of the program to make the experience more consistent across various platforms.

First off, the address bar in Mozilla Firefox has been moved at the base of the screen for more visibility purposes. Also, in the event that you don’t like it, you can generally return it up.

Firefox is more oriented toward its user privacy. Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection feature is been implemented for the android user as well.

There are 3 modes for this Standard, Strict, and Custom. By default standard mode will be ON for user. It won’t stop the content tracking but it will help in the fingerprinting.

One of the most talked features the dark is also a part of this update you can easily switch between them.

A user can also install third-party add-ons in their Firefox browsers.

Mozilla Firefox also includes a feature called Collection it is just like a bookmark in any other browser.

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Still, Google Chrome has the top spot in terms of share for the mobile browser used for web browsing. Hope all these features can help firefox to gain some ground for its android users.

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