Android Q to be identified as Android 10

Android 10
Android 10

Google has reported that the following arrival of Android, codenamed Android Q, will be called Android 10. Google also revealed the new logo and the new mascot

With the arrival of Android 10(Android Q), the organization is deserting its normal naming system for the upcoming Android release. This means there will be no naming of android version on the any of the sweet dishes. This is being done to make the names increasingly available crosswise over more markets, as already not every person knew about the names that Google picked.

Different changes are being done to the Android logo and mascot. The Android robot has been the organization mascot since the absolute first launch. Throughout the years, the robot changed hues from a yellowish-green to a lemon green and now at long last to a pale blue-green.

Google says the change in shading is more than aesthetic and is in accordance with the organization arrangement to make Android increasingly available. The past green shading wasn’t visible to those with color blindness, and green-red visual deficiency is the most well-known sort of partial blindness. By adding increasingly blue to the green, it improves the permeability for the individuals who can’t see the shading appropriately.

New Android Robot Logo

The Android robot logo itself is additionally changed. The content or the wordmark now has a different text style. The robot head is presently part of the Android logo and will either show up after the Android wordmark or above it, contingent on the specific circumstance. Google is discarding the remainder of the body of the robot and the head is the main part that will presently be clear in branding.

The head has additionally softly been changed, with the eyes and antenna being repositioned for a friendlier look.

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