What features you can expect from iOS13?

apple ios 13
apple ios 13

The new version of mobile OS iOS 13, was uncovered. Here are 10 feature you will get in ths iOS update.

1. Fewer spam calls

iOS 13 settings will enable you to quietness obscure calls. Calls from numbers that are not in your contacts will go directly to voice message.

2. Dark mode

Some apps like Facebook messenger and Twitter already works have the dark mode feature. The new update of iOS will allow user to use the system wide dark mode

3. Quick access to WiFi and Bluetooth

User can quickly select the WIfi and bluetooth network from the control centre.

4. Smart battery charging

This feature will allow you to stop charging the battery once it reaches 80% instead of 100%. This will prevent overheating of the battery.

5. 30% quicker

iOS 13 is the quickest OS yet, with speedier application update, launch and download times.

6. SIRI will play music.

You can now ask SIRI to play the song for you.

7. Photo and video editing

iOS 13 will make it simpler to edit photographs, with a refurbishing to the editing options in the photos app. The video editing option will also be available.

8. Safari Features

Now safari will delete the open tab automatically after a day , a week

9. Swipe to type

Just swipe to type. the keyboard will allow you to type the word just by sliding the finger on the keyboard.

10. ‘Find My’ app

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone is combined into one app.

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