WhatsApp alternative you should try

WhatsApp alternate

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging application around the world. Facebook which own WhatsApp is also planning to merge WhatsApp with its messenger.

The idea behind the WhatsApp was that people can easily connect with each other using the power of internet.

Back in the day when WhatsApp was young it charges user use its services.

Which in some case it is fine because they were not showing any ads to its user. ! USD or 100rs for is yearly subcription was totally understandable.

Now the Social Media gaint like Facebook is in the picture. a lot things are changed after that.

Facebook already owns companies like Instagram, messenger and Facebook. A big chunk of money Facebook earns is from advertising. Currently all the three platforms show ads to its users.

Recently, WhatsApp changed its policy. So in a simple word WhatsApp will collect a lot of user data and it will use it for business purpose.

whatsapp policy

So here are 4 alternative application which can be used. Hike messenger will not be in this list because it is not anymore in the business.


Telegram is not a new name in the messaging application world. Telegram was the first app on which you can share file up to 1.5 gb. Not only this telegram is also loaded with some other features like super group feature. And even you can create channels.

The telegram messenger application is available in both mobile and Desktop so you will not miss any of the features. The only feature it lags is in the group video calls.


Most of us have already used this application in our life, before Covid era. Weather for official propose or personal use skype is in the market for pretty long period now.

Skype has all the features is require to be a messaging and calling application. But still it is not able to hold its ground.

This application can also be use as a WhatsApp alternative because of it flexibility regarding the platforms.

It has all the features like calls, video calls, group chat and other important features. It is available in both the Mobile and Desktop versions.


This application came to light when Elon musk tweeted about this application and a lot of people started downloading it.

This application also works on the same end to end encryptions just like messenger and whatsapp.

Signal are for those people who are looking for more privacy features. But still this application need to get more and ore users in order to survive.


Gaming community already knows about the discord application. You can use this application to send messages and calls.

Discord comes with the a perfect integration of the Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Battle.net, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub.

At the end these applications can fill the void. But still it is a long way because most of the people doesn’t have these application.

And moving to all these application is another pain.

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