Facebook launches messenger with video call for up to 50 people

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Today Facebook has divulged its reaction to the insane development of Zoom in the course of recent long stretches of the COVID-19 related lockdowns happening essentially around the world.

Facebook Messenger previously had a video call application, yet it was restricted both in the number of individuals allowed to participate.

With the new Messenger Rooms, that changes. First up, you can have video talks of up to 50 individuals, and the individuals who don’t have a Facebook account can at present join – they’ll get a link to the Room you have made. With a single click, they would then be able to join the call- simply like with Zoom. Critically, Messenger Rooms has no time limit at all.

If you connect through the Messenger application, at that point you can play with AR effects and new highlights like immersive backgrounds and mood lighting.

The maker of a Room picks who can see and go along with it, and can expel anybody from the call whenever just as lock the Room if don’t need any other person to enter. What’s more, you can obviously leave a Room at whatever point you need.

Rooms you make through a Facebook Group are open of course to individuals from that Group.

The Rooms feature is not end-to-end encrypted, because, on the grounds that “there are huge difficulties” to giving such encryption to video calling with the enormous number of individuals.

However, Facebook says it’s effectively moving in the direction of this for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, Room content is scrambled among members and the Facebook servers, that are “set in just a bunch of nations that have strong rule of law”.

The organization additionally guarantees that it doesn’t watch or tune in to your sound or video calls.

Messenger Rooms is rolling out in some countries with incoming few weeks it will be available globally.

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