Google released an emoji bar in Gboard

Gboard emoji

Emojis are one of the most important features in the Digital era. With a simple emoji, you express your emotions.

World Emoji Day the organization’s own keyboard application Gboard is getting an emoji shortcut bar.

The bar will show up directly over the autocorrect/highlights bar, which is on the head of the numbers bar if the user enables it.

Presently, emojis in Gboard is opened rather differently- the user needs to long-press the comma key right between the symbols and language button, where the emoji board is opened.

At that point, there is the choice to peruse for the ideal google emoji, or essentially utilize the search which works better than one would expect.

Gboard emoji

Google is also planning to add 117 emojis to its emoji list.

Currently, this Gboard emoji feature is available in beta mode. After this feature Gboard will be very handy to use.

Not only this Gboard has already introduced tons of more features in the previous versions.

The features are like dedicated gifs, stickers, and most loved feature Minis mode.

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