ISRO helps chipmaker Qualcomm for empowering Indian GPS, NavIC, in cell phones


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said it has helped chipmaker Qualcomm in empowering Navigation with the Indian Constellation (NavIC) ability in their Snapdragon mobile chipsets.

The ISRO said in a statement that these chipsets are being released by Qualcomm and this would help quicken the adoption of NavIC by cell phone original equipment manufacturers (OEM) (OEM).

“The OEMs can now release any new models for the Indian market which are NavIC enabled, thus eventually making NavIC as a standard feature in the upcoming handsets, applications, processors, etc. It will also enhance the geolocation capabilities of smartphones within the coverage region of NavIC,”

said ISRO in the statement

Qualcomm recently included NaVIC backing to its new chipsets that would be offered to cell phone producers.

India has an armada of nine navigation satellites as a feature of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

The nation intends to dispatch another navigation satellite with a homegrown atomic clock — a key instrument that improves precision.

Chinese cell phone maker Xiaomi is likely to release few handsets with the NaVIC system this year

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