Before you know about what is movierulz? you should know about what is a torrent means.

What is a torrent?

Torrent is a way of sharing large files around the web. A few years back it was very famous when there was no Netflix, prime videos and other platforms. Using torrent and downloading movies is illegal and we do not promote this here on our platform.

So you should not download any file using the torrent because it can put you in trouble.

How does this work?

Rather than using a centralized server to download files from, torrents work in a different way.

Each member in the file-sharing is actively downloading or uploading the file, which implies that torrent clients need to depend on one another.

How to download movies from Movierulz?

Movierulz is a public torrent site that leaks pirated movies on the internet. The site Movie rulz uploads the pirated variants of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam and other language films on their site.

Each and every Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood are being uploaded on their website.

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Not only movies Movierulz also uploads tv-shows.

Even after setting up the strict piracy rules by the Government has failed to stop piracy of motion pictures on sites like Movierulz.

Movie rulz site contains a lot of motion pictures from different film production houses wrongfully and enables clients to download full motion pictures in cam or HD prints on the web.

Production houses and entertainers have consistently mentioned crowd to not encourage piracy by sites like Movierulz and watch motion pictures just in theaters. So the answer is no you should avoid using such websites for downloading purposes not only because it is illegal but also it can contain some malware as well. Movierulz usually upload new movies every week on its website

Anti Piracy campaign

Piracy Rules in India.

Downloading and uploading pirated movies in India is a crime. Doing piracy can land up you in jail or jail with a cash penalty. So beware of such websites because it can cause you trouble


We don’t endorse or promote such websites for piracy. This is just for the information. Teck Journal does not support any type of piracy.

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