Netflix crosses 1 billion downloads on Google Play

Netflix India
Netflix India

Netflix has reached a noteworthy achievement – it currently has more than 1 billion downloads of its Android application on Google Play.

This number includes the situations when the application comes pre-installed take away of the mind-blowingly high number of installs.

Quick examination with other streaming platforms reveals Amazon Prime is in the 100-500 million, Hulu is somewhere in the range of 50 and 100 million downloads, and HBO GO is a simple shadow with its 5+ million installs.

Hotstar is only for the Indian audience so we are not putting it here.

Another video streaming application that can challenge Netflix is Disney+ which is in the 10 million levels, however, it is accessible at a bunch of business sectors and generally new.

Disney+ will complete its one year in November. But in India, it is not available. Here they have a tie-up with Hotstar.

Hotstar has an upper hand here as compared to its competitors because Hotstar provides live sports streaming as well.

Hotstar is cheap as well as compare to its counterpart you can sign up for Hotstar at just ₹299 which is $3.99 for a year-long subscription with live sports.

Recently Netflix has also launched a ₹199 per month for mobile devices only to grab the Indian audience.

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