OnePlus concept one introduced a new feature

OnePlus Concept one

OnePlus has officially uncovered its Concept One. It was teased not long ago and hinted to a McLaren co-marked item with a disappearing camera. The primary thing about the idea is… well… the camera. Concept one will have a disappearing camera


The equipment itself looks like a OnePlus 7T Pro down to the situation of the keys, cameras, and even the pop-up selfie camera. The Concept One is enclosed by McLaren’s mark Papaya Orange shaded cowhide.

Promo Video of OnePlus Concept One

The idea’s standout element is a camera that vanishes behind the glass that secures them. This is on account of electrochromic glass which can turn obscure when a current is applied. This was roused by McLaren’s current use of it in a portion of its vehicles which turn the sunroof misty to shut out the sun.

The camera sensors on the back are covered up until the camera is actuated – exchanging among obscure and straightforward states takes just 0.7 seconds. The electrochromic glass serves as an ND channel for the cameras. In photography, such a channel squares light, that would be unreasonably brilliant for the camera to catch, so it levels the shadows and features to catch more detail

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