How to connect MI Band 4 to Strava?

Mi band 4
Mi band 4

Strava is one of a platform to track your exercise. So basically it is like a social media platform where you can share posts about your workout.

The two most widely used option in Strava is running and cycling.

This application is free to download on both android and iOS. Although there is a paid version as well with some extra features.

How to record work out on Strava?

You can directly record your activity on the application by clicking on the record button. Make sure you turn on the GPS and give other important permissions to the application.

Here is the catch Strava will only track a few of the information like time and map. So to track other information like heart rate, stride, VO2 max. You need to connect a fitness band or a smartwatch.

Mi Band 4

Mi band 4 is one of the most widely used around the countries because of is pricing and features. A lot of people cannot afford Fitbit because of its pricing.


Mi fit Application is good but not the option. To track the activity here the Mi Band 4 is not responsible the application is responsible. The UI and navigation thru the application is not good.

List of the Devices that can connect to Strava

The direct integration of the mi fit band to Strava is not available right now. But still, you can connect to Strava. So you have to do this.

Connect Mi band 4 to Strava

To integrate Strava with band 4 you can do the follow the following steps

  1. Download Zepp(formerly known as amazfit)
  2. Connect Miband 4. Follow the same steps you do to connect your Band 4 with the Mi Fit app.
  3. After connecting the device go to the profile section.
  4. Click on the add account section.
  5. Choose Strava to connect.
  6. Authenticate your Zepp app with the Strava.

Now you are good to go you can now record activity on amazfit app and it will be directly available in Strava to see

Note: In some case, there is some connection issue. Jut download Mi Fit and connect your device with the app. Open amazfit and connect it.

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